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Whitehall was notified of the PIAA’s investigation last week. The school was asked by the PIAA to conduct an internal investigation and submit a report to District 11. The school, possibly along with the Lisicky family, will be asked to make a presentation to the District 11 committee at its next meeting Oct. Now we can have a Heritage Classic… Read more →

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People there have seen me grow up. I sometimes feel like I’m their son. Their passion can be overwhelming. Being on the air was not enough for Steve, however. Steve made news in the air, as well. A two year stint as a helicopter traffic reporter nearly cost him his life, when a chopper he was flying inside of crashed… Read more →

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They’re turning away from stores like Victoria’s Secret that market a single way to be sexy. They’re demanding that mass market chains like Forever 21 carry a wider range of sizes in store. Even celebrities, like Beyonc and Melissa McCarthy, are calling out high fashion designers for ignoring the millions of women with curvier figures.. The public race consciousness of… Read more →

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South Korea Kospi rose 0.2 percent, while Australia S 200 dipped 0.8 percent. Hong Kong Hang Seng fell 0.8 percent. The SET of Thailand dropped 0.2 percent. Brands love to target people in their teens, despite their lower purchasing power, because they want to lock in loyalty early in the game, notes. The conventional wisdom now is that Generation Z… Read more →

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Spend ten minutes at the start of your day walking or jogging up the staircase. It will get your blood pumping, and naturally aid in increased blood circulation to the brain, which will promote more productivity in your day. Set aside ten minutes before lunch to go for a stroll outside and breathe in some fresh air. Many state councils… Read more →

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Nativescape LLC designed the new shoreline. The new technology utilized biodegradable plastic tubes (fibersock or Soil Sock) placed at the edge of the shoreline. Clean composted recycled yard waste and small stone is pneumatically pumped into the tubes along with a mixture of native emergent plant seeds. I vaguely recall word about that.” He frowns at Holtz’s idea. It sits… Read more →

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Educational/professional background: When I was 2 years old, my family came to the United States on refugee status after the Vietnam War, settling in Portland. I graduated from Reynolds High School in 1996, then went on to receive an associate degree at Mount Hood Community College. I eventually got a bachelor degree in manufacturing from the Oregon Institute of Technology..… Read more →

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However, this category of brand needs continual reinforcement through traditional advertising, and every other point of contact. Affinity companies then create brand extensions, to offer a multitude of products so that customers experience a variety of choice. Customers need very little incentive to abandon existing brands, and affinity based companies always pay close attention what their constituency has to say..… Read more →