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The retailers were aided early when, less than a month into Trump’s presidency, they scheduled the chief executive officers of several retail companies to meet with Cohn, the head of the National Economic Council. Cohn elevated the event to a meeting with the president on Feb. 15, at which the border adjustment plan was discussed, according to people familiar with… Read more →

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It is obvious that economically valuable property generates more tax revenue than less valuable property. Subsequently, in less affluent areas, the tax base is considerably less than that in affluent areas. Thus, the potential revenue generated from local property taxes will largely vary in accordance with the socio economic status of the area.. Blandini started as a “service boy” in… Read more →

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“We are devastated anytime we learn that the safety or well being of a student may have been compromised. We recognize the impact these situations have on our students, staff, families and community members. There are no words to describe our frustration as we review the care and thoroughness involved in our hiring and screening processes.. Giggs shot. Sheringham stabs… Read more →

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If you are a member of Traffic Roundup, for instance, you will get an amount of free, referral traffic equal to 10% of the traffic your personal referrals generate when they surf. This means if you refer one person who earns 100 credits per week, you will get 10 free traffic credits each week from this referral. Take a moment… Read more →