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Maybe he can hyphenate it and go by Carey Cannon. Cause, you know, that sounds SO much better. Eyeroll. Unfortunately they were all in favor of the Cavaliers. Duke games have been close for only about a season or so. Realistically, they have only been one or two plays away from accomplishing it in previous seasons; I see no reason… Read more →

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Sadly now I dont get that channel anymore and I dont know what good music is being made in other countries. So what music u think I should be listening to from ur region??. Would like to know.. Recently, Apple 3G version tablet PC ipad, is about $67 dollars at Harvard University computer shops (including tax, about 4,500 Yuan), and… Read more →

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This northeast Minneapolis shop has a great story. Founder Brent Fuqua, struggling with addiction in 2008, found that fixing bikes helped him heal: “I’m just going to focus right now on taking care of this one bike,” he recounts via Recovery’s website, “and do that well. When I am accomplishing that, I will branch out from there.” That thought birthed… Read more →

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All Apple stores will have these luxury versions on display, but only a handful let customers try them on. Stores. The models being shown in stores during try on appointments are running in demonstration mode, designed for the right handed majority to wear on their left hands with the button and dial to the right of the watch face.. Make… Read more →

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However, that particular powerplant was a good fit for quirky Saab and crammed right in behind the front axle. The two stroke genesis of these early Saabs gave rise to one of the company’s signature build characteristics, with longitudinally mounted engines in front wheel drive cars. You need only pop the hood on a ’70s Saab to see how complicated… Read more →

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Odahlen will be running in the same half marathon in San Francisco again this year and wanted to bring more local awareness to what the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society does. (the event in Minot) a good way to bring awareness and raise money for research, she added. The research that LLS does focuses on drug therapies that specifically target the… Read more →

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This distance proficiency is kind of goin around. Rocky Mountain High Michael Slagowski became only the ninth high school athlete in history to run a sub four minute mile when he clocked a 3:59.53 at the 16th annual Nike Jesuit Twilight Relays in Portland last Friday. Slagowski also has recorded the nation fastest prep 800 and 1,600 meters times this… Read more →

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UPDATE: Police report the missing boy has been safely located and is in their care.(Beloit, WI WKOW) Beloit police are asking for the public help in locating a missing child. Jaden D. Thursday. There’s little other immediate response from the disembodied voice that likely brought our heroes here, but there /is/ a set of howls heard in the distance. Howls… Read more →