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The idea of an interconnected and inter dependent global economy is nothing new. The Vikings and Christopher Columbus were motivated by the economic gains that would come their way from discovering new worlds. Has changed, especially during the past 25 years, are political and social attitudes about free trade and the institutions necessary to conduct commerce on a global scale.… Read more →

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Beckham’s decision to miss OTAs is really the only leverage he has, unless he is willing to hold out from next week’s mandatory minicamp and even training camp. It doesn’t appear he will go that route, though. Beckham recently told NFL Network he will “for sure” be at minicamp, and ESPN reported he is still expected to be there. Will… Read more →

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On Wednesday, shares of Walmart dropped 10%, the biggest drop in the company stock price in 15 years. The reason cited for the huge selloff was the company announcement that it expected revenues to be flat in the current fiscal year perhaps even decline the following year. And the reason given for why revenues are taking a hit is that… Read more →

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Low income family with financial hardship that makes it impossible to provide for Christmas this year; mom is pregnant and due in December. Mom needs clothing size medium, jeans size 5, boots size 8. Dad needs clothing size large, jeans 33×34, socks and warm shirts. Calpari said he be keeping a close eye on the many Wildcats taking part in… Read more →