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It’s about the power of an interest group to impede what looks to most of us like genuine public progress.” Let me be clear: I am not arguing that destroying the NRA’s mythology will be sufficient to overcome the NRA’s political influence. I believe, however, that the gun lobby’s political power will never be overcome until these myths are destroyed.… Read more →

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Preliminary work on the nursing home addition to the Washington County Public Hospital has been started by the Sterling Lumber Company, successful bidder at the time of the contract opening in June. Excavation of the basement in the northwest part of the wing has been completed and workmen, early this week were laying out the footings, which will be formed… Read more →

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KY not only played a healthy dollop of “new wave” in the early 80s (INXS, Talking Heads and The Romantics were all in regular rotation), they had a nighttime format called “Route 102” in the late 80s where they played “alternative” hits that nobody else in the market was really playing. If they could have booked a lot of advertising… Read more →

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The Internet is an always on source of video entertainment. Enlightening, frightening or just plain silly, it’s all there waiting for your click. Here’s where our mouse is pointing this week:Nike’s new TV commercial featuring a post sex scandal Tiger Woods has been the talk of the Web, and with good reason. Fact is 6 0 is domination, close doesn’t… Read more →

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Chris Mendola, the founder and CEO of 180, formerly ran the Nike account for W+K Amsterdam, before leaving to set up his own company and land Adidas as a client. “Adidas works on two year cycles around the Olympics and the World Cup,” he says. “But it’s the World Cup that is the really big brand statement. 3. Know the… Read more →

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“It’s a great place to be right now,” Richland coach Jeff Sheehan said. “It’s going to be a different experience. The crowd is going to be big and the kids aren’t used to having too many people around. Import tariffs of 2.5 percent on cars and 25 percent on trucks over 20 years or more. But since it isn tariffs… Read more →

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The all white uniform was designed by a trio of cancer survivors from OHSU Doernbecher Children’s Hospital in Portland, Oregon.The uniform features slogans like “Overcome” and “Win The Fight” as well as Puddles the mascot literally stomping on cancer.For more on the design, and more important, the creative and joyful designers, read Edward Aschoff’s story.In Corvallis, Oregon, the Oregon State… Read more →

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The institute is complemented by vibrant interactions with both the Department of Astronomy Astrophysics (DAA) and the Canadian Institute for Theoretical Astrophysics (CITA).The appointment is for two years with an expectation of renewal for a third year on satisfactory performance. The expected start date is Fall 2012. The salary range will be from $46,000 $53,000 CAD per year, and will… Read more →