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Goods including pork, apples and steel pipes, accentuating fears of a global trade war. A person who been obsessed with stock market gains since his election victory 16 months ago, President Donald Trump doesn appear too concerned about the impact his tariffs are having at the moment, said Craig Erlam, senior market analyst at OANDA. Though the European Union has… Read more →

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A former assistant coach to Alberto Salazar says he saw a document which said US distance runner Galen Rupp was on testosterone medication in 2002, claims which both Rupp and Salazar denyAsked for his feelings about claims American coach Salazar doped Rupp in 2002 when the athlete was 16 years old and about some of Salazar’s alleged methods, including the… Read more →

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TONEprotocol is a proprietary technology developed to empower advertisers with the capability of instantly delivering a graphic ad to any mobile device via an audio stream or broadcast advertisement. MusicDealers entire catalog of music is pre cleared for use in advertising, television, movies, radio, and video games. The TONEprotocol platform marks a significant shift in broadcast streamed audio advertising in… Read more →

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The course combines essential theory which is followed by extensive lash application training. We teach you our superior lash application techniques so you can achieve fast, safe, and beautiful results with every service. After the course is over, therapists must practice their new skills and complete an allocated number of case studies. Adidas is using market research to tailor a… Read more →

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MBA Program: Nora K. CollinsThe academic award for strategy recognizes superior academic achievement in the area of strategy and policy. Factors entering into the selection decision include not only the students’ cumulative GPA, their GPA in strategy courses and number of strategy courses taken, but also the students’ revealed preference for strategy and consulting as well their excellence as TAs… Read more →