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“She never emerged as a political player in her own right. And by taking an active role in her husband’s business, she helped to reconcile conservatism to the reality of women’s changing roles. Her views may have been conservative, but her political involvement implied that it wasn’t improper for women to participate in what conservatives considered the man’s sphere.”Reagan, who… Read more →

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“They’re really sexy. They accentuate my chest hair,” Heat forward Shane Battier quipped. “You’ll get used to them. At the national championships last week in Indianapolis, Dara Torres, wearing the FS Pro, won the 50 meter and 100 meter freestyle, setting an American record in the latter event. She is 40 years old and gave birth to a daughter 15… Read more →

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One hundred years ago, Austrian physicist Victor Hess detected cosmic rays using a high altitude balloon. Their origin has been a puzzle since then, but astronomers have suggested that most of these particles are accelerated by fast moving shock waves triggered by supernova explosions. Recent x ray and gamma ray studies have supported this theory, but astrophysicists are not sure… Read more →

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“There were many times when I’d get home and need to sleep for a couple of hours,” said Grissom, the father of five. “My wife, Sheena, has been extremely helpful and patient throughout the whole process. And going to the chiropractor to get my back adjusted has been helpful. In our book, we [identify] three types of connectors in today… Read more →

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As a career blogger, you’ll be blogging for businesses as a blogger for hire, so if you have business smarts, your blog is the place to show it. Perhaps you’re interested in investments, or in real estate. Companies like Yahoo!, Nike, and Google all chose their names so they could build a recognizable brand). Joe and Trump have had a… Read more →

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Finally, criticism of global brands by activists opposed to globalization can also limit global branding. A 1999 book titled No Logo, by Naomi Klein, alleged that global brands and excessive corporate power were chief contributors to poverty around the world. Well known logos of firms such as Nike, Disney, Shell and McDonald became symbols of a host of complaints about… Read more →

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Future in Blue? Perhaps the top recruiting target for Kentucky in this cycle. Through his lack of offers to other guards in the class, Calipari has made it clear that Newman is a priority. The Mississippi star has been effusive in his praise of the UK coach, and many consider Kentucky the favorite in his recruitment. A great deal that… Read more →

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Rob gives a thumbs up and revs the engine until it sounds like crackling thunder. Then he guns it. He rockets up a ten foot dirt hill and into the air. “Since I was doing a lot of shows, everyone used to confuse my name Crucial Conflict, which is a rap crew out of Chicago, and it started getting a… Read more →

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And no, getting rid of an infestation isn’t just a matter of calling your landlord to have somebody come over and spray living with the little monsters doesn’t mean the person is lazy or OK with it (who the hell would be?). These things haven’t survived natural selection by being stupid after we sprayed, the bedbugs just followed us to… Read more →