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There a lot going on, and some of the progress hasn yet shown up in the marketplace, but it will because there a lot more change to come. So companies will become increasingly more efficient and increasingly less polluting. And they become increasingly more innovative with materials.. Waneek is Kanien’keh:ka (Mohawk) of the bear clan. She is an Olympian, ambassador,… Read more →

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Apart from UO Duck football jerseys, there another popular clothing line Ducks baseball jerseys. These jerseys come in the distinctive, green, white and yellow Ducks team colors that players proudly wear. They are produced from 100% polyester, and are extremely comfortable to wear. The cruelty had nothing to do with the hockey. That was good. Fun and furious on Friday,… Read more →

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Below are some of the key technologies BrightEdge has developed and released through the use of AI and Big DataData Cube: The industry largest content repository and the industry most complete data set for tracking performance across the web. Data Cube is used to prioritize and formulate successful search, content, and digital strategies.Visual Parsing: Visual Parsing analyzes the dynamic SERP… Read more →

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Most every golfer subscribes to these beliefs in one way or another. The entire golf instruction, training aid, and golf club making market bear this out. Golf magazines, tv shows, and article after article offer tips, fixes, cures and virtually every imaginable training aid conceivable to craft the perfect swing. “Hardik has the ability to swing the ball and he… Read more →

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Currently Searching and Making in collaboration with Tanya Dean explores how to strategically exploit the embodied material meanings and narratives inherent in materials to expand the communicative vocabulary and consumer value of materials and products made from waste. The thesis being that this can elicit better consumer knowledge, raise awareness of critical issues and exemplar uses and the facilitate and… Read more →