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Casualties of the War on Drugs As the disproportionate number of African Americans behind bars continues to grow, many are beginning to view them, their families, and their communities as the ultimate casualties of America’s so called “war on drugs.” Today, African Americans make up the majority nearly two thirds of those sent to state prison for drug offenses, according… Read more →

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New Era is well known as the official on field headwear provider for Major League Baseball and the National Football League. Its caps are ubiquitous in movies, television shows and music. But the Kochs are aiming higher: They want to establish New Era as an instantly recognizable lifestyle brand think Nike, Adidas, Under Armour by capitalizing on the company’s dominance… Read more →

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The reviews of Friday Opening Ceremony were mixed, as always, with the accent on the positive for the most part. The Washington Post Tom Shales a Pulitzer Prize winner and a notorious misanthrope, in the Frank Rich mold praised the Ceremony as splendiferous start . That deftly navigated the line between artsy fartsy and rabble rousing, and added that Canadian… Read more →

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“At the same time, it’s also positive because we’ve had a bunch of guys play a lot of football within this past year. Guys have played right tackle, left tackle. Guys have been inside. According to a release from the Cavaliers, that sum included watch party admissions, 50/50 raffles and auctions during the playoff games. The watch party tickets were… Read more →

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That hasn’t exactly happened. But what certainly has happened is that we’ve racked up enormous trade deficits with the countries that are signatories to our free trade deals. No matter how you slice it, these deals reduce the percentage of American exports while accelerating imports from countries where workers not only often have crappy workplace protections (if they have any… Read more →