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Usually HTML page has table structure and many Website designers like to place image banner in the header of the page, then horizontal or vertical menu comes, and only then text section appears. It TMs wrong structure and it must be changed if you want your site to be SEO friendly. The text must contain your main keywords but at… Read more →

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TCE also may cause cancer, other government agencies say.TCE may have polluted many more missile sites than the corps is aware.The corps has evaluated a total of 395 former ICBM and Nike missile sites since the Formerly Used Defense Sites, or FUDS, program began in the early 1980s. Environmental Protection Agency adopted a drinking water standard for the chemical in… Read more →

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Nick Brien, who was CEO of IPG Mediabrands at the time, says Wieser was influential even then. “His ability to be stubborn and dogmatic are legendary,” says Brien, pointing out that Wieser actually changed the way Magna reported spending. Wieser, he says, thought reporting an advertiser’s global ad spend was “too vague” since it’s hard to track where certain dollars… Read more →

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Swiss power technology giant ABB Asea Brown Boveri found that one of the investigators it was paying to hunt counterfeiters was herself selling fake ABB circuit breakers. ABB sued the firm she worked for, the China United Intellectual Property Protection Center, which was one of China’s oldest and largest investigations companies. ABB lost its case in Beijing, despite the fact… Read more →

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Polanyi Award (2011). National Academy of Sciences. Kaspi research interests focus neutron stars, radio pulsars and magnetars, with an emphasis on observational radio and X ray astrophysics. Page poetry (meaning written poetry) where every word exists at the same time, stage poetry is connected to time. On the stage, every word, every idea exists at that very second when it… Read more →

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Over the next decade, the university aims to establish a research and entrepreneurial hub that will rival any for national prominence. The Phil and Penny Knight Campus for Accelerating Scientific Impact will focus on taking researchers’ discoveries and speeding up their development into cures, treatments and products that benefit the greater public and the Oregon economy. Hundreds of students will… Read more →

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Plank’s ultimate goal for Under Armour is to supplant Nike as the biggest sports brand in the world, and he knows the path there is through basketball. While soccer has more fans, it doesn’t generate as much apparel and footwear sales as hoops. Fan base by marketing overseas for years and turned players like Jordan, Iverson, Kobe Bryant and James… Read more →

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Commissioner Adam Silver announced Tuesday, following the league board of governor meeting, that the new off site instant replay centre will be operational for this season. It will be similar to the NHL command centre . Magic Johnson via Twitter: team everybody has to watch out for in the East are the Toronto Raptors. Most cancers analysis center vegans who… Read more →

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Thousands of meals, Easter baskets and shoes will be handed out on Good Friday at the Los Angeles Mission on skid row. Mission, at 5th and Wall streets. Celebrities, local leaders and other volunteers will help serve about 3,500 meals, KTLA TV reported. Davis filed a complaint in the Chancery Court for Madison County seeking a declaration that the non… Read more →

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