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“My director Abhinay Deo and I want a particular look for the film. Were trying to get the DOP (director of photography) of the new Nike international commercial. If not, theres Jason West who shot our Rock On!. Granted, not every company has 24/7 tracking systems that make such monitoring easy, but, even when they do, most distributors are very… Read more →

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Mubang, who was the Tigers’ second leading scorer behind Tampa Tribune All Hillsborough County First Team player Durrance, had 10 goals and four assists for the Class 5A state semifinalists last season. This season, Mubang is off to a hot start, pacing the Tigers offense with 12 goals. He has led Jesuit (11 1 1) with five game winning goals… Read more →

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Jordan was defensive coordinator under Allen with Tom Westerberg as offensive coordinator when Garland won the 1999 state title. Martin stayed at Allen until 2004 when he became Assistant Executive Director of the Texas High School Coaches Association. Westerberg remained and won for state titles at Allen before recently leaving to become head coach and athletic director at Barbers Hill… Read more →