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Wrote right after Alton Sterling died, said. After that Philando Castile died, and then after that the shootings happened in Dallas, and then after that the shootings happened in Baton Rouge. It was really frustrating because it just felt like there was another person with this whole issue of police brutality and now police brutality retaliation. Kolias.So why do people… Read more →

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Set to launch this year, Mr. Cooke says it will “absolutely have relevance to brands and will challenge the top five social networks.” According to Mr. Cooke, the project has received an investment stake of 19.9% from an undisclosed media group, along with private venture capital funding.Mr. You can walk into a Ross store in Nebraska and probably find Miami… Read more →

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With assets under management at an all time high, portfolio performance coming in better than anticipated, and the stock trading at a discount to its historical average, analysts are optimistic about Gluskin Sheff + Associates Inc. And at least one anticipates a special dividend might be coming.The Toronto based money manager reported third quarter results on May 9, where most… Read more →

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One in five American adults can now legally eat, drink, smoke or vape cannabis however they please. For the fledgling companies fighting for customer attention, the game of differentiating their products through branding is on. And nothing conveys these emerging marijuana brands so clearly as the pretty packaging in which they’re increasingly wrapped.. She even found she had a flare… Read more →