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The final annual meeting topic I’d like to share with you is the fan experience. As television technology has evolved, the quality of football telecasts, likewise, has improved tremendously. It has been great for the game and the popularity of the sport, of course, but the NFL wants to continue to improve the in stadium experience. Once you have access… Read more →

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The delivery driver balled up in the fetal position until he heard the cars driving away. Second incident in this crime spree happened late on May 21st. A man was driving near 30th and Oklahoma just before midnight when he rear ended from vehicle directly behind him. Dr. Sobel wants to help you be your best, most refreshed self. President… Read more →

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Craft, III and David L. Craft; great grandchildren, Cole Huff, Brittany Ottarson, Mackenzie Huff; Kerian Craft and Donavon Craft. Sunday, December 17, 2017, at Ware Episcopal Church Cemetery with the Reverend Tom Cohick officiating. It no wonder why we don know who we are, how could we? We aren at all in touch with our authentic self, only an illusion… Read more →

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But if Winslow can reach and fulfill his 2015 lottery pick destiny, then this roster can have far more possibilities than last season. How Winslow plays and contributes will be one of the most important aspects of this coming season. Thus, No. Lavar Ball. OK, all the NCAA tournament hijinks and the First Take appearances landed somewhere between funny and… Read more →

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The first option is a pre programmed response which you can customize within the Watch app on your iPhone. These can range from simple responses such as “yes” to Let me get back to you.” If you require a more complex response, you can use the voice dictation feature which works surprisingly well. The final option is to use emojis.… Read more →

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BRIBE indictment charged him with soliciting and accepting two bribe payments from Media World, an affiliate of Spanish media company Imagina Group. One payment was a “six figure bribe” to be split among Trujillo and two other Guatemalans for media and marketing rights for 2018 World Cup qualifier matches, the indictment said. The two other men, Brayan Jimenez and Rafael… Read more →

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“Tiger embodied a kind of modern cool that golf hadn’t seen before,” said Orin Starn, a professor of cultural anthropology at Duke University. AP Photo/Peter CosgroveAmong professional athletes for most of the early 2000s, Woods ranked with basketball icon Michael Jordan at the top of the Q Score, which rates popularity and marketing appeal. In 2008, Forbes ranked Woods No.… Read more →

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Jim Apparently, Jeff Jordan decided he wants to pursue a life after basketball and focus on the future. Doesn’t surprise me. He’s not like most 20 year olds, as you might suspect. So the environment had to be conducive for falling in love. That’s why the Mediterranean feel, the open air restaurant and the gloss. I have to take people… Read more →