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Ces identits sont la fois une situation subie passivement et un projet choisi : en tant que sujet libre, nous transcendons les situations et nous construisons une identit. Cette identit est multiple, nous pouvons volont jouer tre diffrentes personnes. Nous pouvons choisir de changer notre tranche d en paraissant plus jeune ou plus vieux et notre origine sociale en la… Read more →

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Nonetheless, he maintained an open website that posted real time radon measurements from his detectors, and in interviews with journalists and in an informal mobile phone network, Giuliani made predictions about low level seismic activity. Although the ICEF report notes that he made two false forecasts, The Guardian newspaper dubbed him “The Man Who Predicted An Earthquake”, after the April… Read more →

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In 2005, a group of USC students were anticipating a third consecutive BCS championship and attempted to trademark the phrase “Three Pete.” The misspelling was created not only to avoid paying Riley for use of the phrase, but also to pay homage to coach Pete Carroll. The federal trademark board ruled that the spelling difference was not enough to differentiate… Read more →

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Success led to this year worldwide tour alongside go go band UCB. Touring can be lucrative, though Wale live performances are mostly about growing an audience.doing alright on the road. But I put the art first, and do as many shows I can, Wale says. Though many worker centers began as localized efforts to combat poverty, the movement has rapidly… Read more →

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In Apple first push into the payments game, the iPhone 6 is equipped with Apple Pay and a Near Field Communication (NFC) antenna that allows you to tap your phone against a sensor to make payments. Credit cards from participating companies Mastercard and American Express be linked to your phone Passbook. Several merchants, like Disney, Chipotle and Seamless, have signed… Read more →