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Initially, the Las Vegas store will carry the complete lines of amateur radio and maker equipment with more product lines being added later. Understanding that hams come to Las Vegas from all over the country and all over the world, GigaParts plans on making the retail showroom more of an interactive showcase of the latest equipment rather than a self… Read more →

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Mumbai has passed through many foreign rules and eventualities. The city was a victim of sudden terrorist attacks. Encompassing so many rules and historic ages and traditions and cultural diversity that equivocally made a typical mixed culture of the city’s own, made Mumbai an unparalleled city of color and flamboyance. Recruiting skinny: Richardson said Ole Miss and Wake Forest are… Read more →

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Nike wanted to redraw Otto, a character it called “odd looking.” The Syracuse committee involved in the redesign project told Nike that Otto was not up for discussion. Who came to Otto’s defense? Betsy English, director of bookstores and trademark licensing at SU, said no one in particular stood up for Otto, but that all committee members quickly agreed that… Read more →

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“He’s prepared for this; he chose to step away from the game on his own,” Jordan said. “I think there are a lot of things out there that he hasn’t experienced yet. He hasn’t gotten married yet, hasn’t had kids. 3. Stop wasting office supplies. Seriously. Here at Daniels Spectrum, art is integrated into the building so it a challenge… Read more →

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This hasn just been an impossible fall season to follow; it also been unusually volatile. Just when the big budget action thriller Last Resort looked as if it was about to be fitted for early cancellation, thanks to surprisingly low debut numbers, the ratings jumped last week, and parent network ABC recently ordered several new scripts always a good sign.… Read more →

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I found the pretrip classes very helpful preparation for the in country company visits. Classes involved a combination of lectures, case discussions and guest speakers that included the director of Peru’s Trade Commission as well as the Peruvian consul general of Los Angeles. We also completed assignments to explore the history, culture and economic background of Peru. C normal que… Read more →