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(johnnyboy) Good show at the Lake. (Lionwatcher) 8 Cards keep chipping away at their glass ceiling. It’ll come. But even as state television aired footage shot from helicopters of the support for Iran’s clerically overseen government, videos emerged showing the anti government unrest that has swept major cities has also spread to the countryside in the nation of 80 million… Read more →

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Unfortunately, the writing directing producing cinematography team of Steve James and Peter Gilbert, two of the filmmakers who gave us the magnificent “Hoop Dreams” in 1994, haven’t found a particularly effective way to communicate Prefontaine’s saga. In certain ways, “Prefontaine” is a traditional sports biography, complete with flashbacks to childhood, motivational speeches, tragic flaws, unexpected failures and life affirming successes.… Read more →

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7. With experts predicting few big changes from last year’s models, speculation. This Sept. Vorbim despre “regiunea sacrala” pentru a desemna partea inferioara a coloanei vertebrale, apropiata zonele sexualitatii.)in moda se infrunta doua conceptii: una subliniaza necesitatea coincidentei dintre a fi si a parea si diferentierea, daca nu sociala, cel putin sexuala, iar cealalta incurca pistele. Adeptii acesteia din urma… Read more →

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“Whenever he was tired or nervous he was still extremely nice to people. I never saw him violent.”Model Reeva Steenkamp appeared in many international and national advertisements and often spoke out against rape and abuse of women. (Ice Model Management/Associated Press)Yet Pistorius had troubles in his personal life. At home: Jeannie Mai, makeup expert for TLCs 10 Years Younger, suggests… Read more →

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The results could sideline you with everything from colds and flu to a nasty staph infection. Dont throw in the towel, though. Heres how to sanitize the worst gym bag germ offenders.. THIS AND THAT A New York Timesupdate on the Real ID Act has some helpful information for Clevelanders who need a passport. The act passed by Congress in… Read more →

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With 17.9 percent of West Virginians living below official poverty levels, teachers, bus drivers and other volunteers are collecting food for students who rely on free breakfasts and lunches. Teachers also are sharing stories of donating their time, money or food. At least two GoFundMe pages have been launched in support of the walkout.. Cracking under pressure is not an… Read more →