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Marks can be erased. Reproducing this functionality digitally has vexed computer engineers for years, which is what makes Apple latest effort so impressive. The Pencil allows users to draw, paint or write on a screen, just as they would a sheet of paper. Back in 2003 Marakana was bigger than it is now. We attended a local soccer match for… Read more →

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It time to take another look at that American dream. Meanwhile, from 2000 to 2006, Charlottesville residents increased their electricity use by 20.5 percent, a figure that was consistent with the national average. Forests absorb roughly 1 to 3 million metric tons of CO2 each year. When I realized I wasn playing no more, because he was like six feet… Read more →

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It was such a big deal that he was in town. The Michael Jordan sightings were called in to our newsroom on a nightly basis. Oh, he was over here, or over there, or over there. During his four years at Gulliver, Matt lettered in three sports football, soccer and baseball. In football, he was a running back, defensive back… Read more →

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A: Yes. Due to concerns over employee theft, many employers have implemented bag check policies or other practices whereby employees are screened before leaving work to ensure they’re not taking merchandise with them. Oftentimes these policies are utilized by retailers; however, a variety of other employers use them as well when employees have access to items that could be slipped… Read more →