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Ferrari will supply the mechanical side of Haas’s car, leaving the newcomers responsible for the chassis/bodywork. But even here they’ve been lent a helping hand by their technical partner, with Ferrari letting them use their wind tunnel on a regular basis. The list has shortened over the last couple of years, meaning that, besides its hybrid engine and power train,… Read more →

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We played four sessions in Brooklyn, Indianapolis, Virginia and Atlanta during the spring. The EYBL experience was new to me, and I was amazed at the talent level. I thought I played well throughout the circuit, especially playing with players 1 year older than me. Monday when Moreno, who was driving. Monday on Burrville Road in Crete Township, according to… Read more →

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A few years ago, an entire squadron of our Minuteman missiles went offline, and the missile crews couldn’t communicate with our own missiles. The Air Force denied there was any possibility that someone had hacked into our system, but later admitted that they’re very concerned about the threat of somebody hacking into our nuclear command and control system. That’s like… Read more →

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The reason being manifested is mainly economic, without any practical reasons actually mentioned to justify such a decision. However, that choice will likely mark the future of many designers out there who will likely find themselves subject to having to take additional training courses to learn BOTH programs. Not funny at all.. As BLM’s turnaround plan states: “Michigan has been… Read more →

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Somewhere between 13 and 15, they’ll learn about brand recognition (in a practical sense through seeing what people where, not in theory). At which you’ll be surprised that you’re no longer shelling out $$30 for GAP jeans, and now $120 for Diesel jeans. Oh well, making kids smile, just makes raising them so much better!. NIKE Inc. (NYSE:NKE) advanced in… Read more →