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Howard Rheingold took things a step forward with “Smart Mobs,” encouraging people to meet together in public, to freeze for a moment in Grand Central Terminal, shop in slow motion at Walmart or act out letters in department store windows. Rheingold’s book appeared in 2002, which puts the book and the ad in production at roughly the same time. Both… Read more →

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The organization pulled the ad from all media, but was powerless to stop the spread of the video (and the outrage that followed) on social media.2. East Hills “Shop East Hills.” A Reddit user dubbed this ad “the worst local commercial I’ve ever seen.” The so bad it could actually be good video soon went viral. Standout line in the… Read more →

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As years passed, there were repeats of the first painful episode. In 1907 Miss Lucy Peterson, a servant girl from Brookline, sailed from Fairhaven on that last fearful journey, and in 1909 a seventeen year old boy from Upton accompanied by a dedicated mother, who refused to leave him, crossed from Fairhaven to the shores of Penikese. A new medical… Read more →

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THIS AND THAT Akron gets a nice shout out in a new report from the Brookings Institution, titled, “A tale of two Rust Belts, continued: Can the Midwest’s smaller communities succeed?” A key challenge for many communities, large and small, in the industrial Midwest “revolves around how they can evolve their economies from reliance on low skill factory jobs and… Read more →

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Greene, postal clerk, thigh bruised; E. D. Lamont, bruised; Amos B. Cette valorisation de la non intelligence est une forme avance du populisme, qui semble unique la socit amricaine. Un populisme qui ne se contente pas de souhaiter que les dirigeants soient proches des gens ordinaires, ou encore qu refltent les aspirations des gens ordinaires, mais un dsir profond que… Read more →

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Flat formal shoes are the perfect complement for a beautiful ballroom type gown or a very long formal dress. Dressy flats come in an array of colors to match a wide variety of bridal party color themes. Most of these types of shoes come in a beautiful satin material that looks and feels just as soft as many wedding party… Read more →

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Most of the good concerned a playmaking defense that could be even more dynamic than last season. Ashante Williams provided the highlight, a 60 yard interception return for a touchdown that put the game out of reach. Meanwhile, the likes of Michael Buchanan, Akeem Spence and Terry Hawthorne made it tough for the Broncos to generate any sort of momentum.… Read more →

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12th September 2011Fact: Actors Robert De Niro, Ben Stiller, Billy Crystal and James Gandolfini and rapper Jay Z were among the fans cheering on the New York Jets in their American football season opener against the Dallas Cowboys on Sunday (11Sep11). The stars were all seen sporting special New York Police Department caps in honour of the 10th anniversary of… Read more →

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They really are a caring bunch of hardworking people. They do a thankless task and have helped us exchange students more times than I can say. The days are slipping away. Especially during summer afternoons, Round Two’s year old storefront at 202 W. Broad St. The Gallery by Round Two bustles with customers, both local and out of state. Une… Read more →