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Instead, its speculated that the vast difference in temperature from the heated plasma and the object in question, can cause these objects to shatter, explode or even disintegrate, depending. Things made from glass or other easily breakable materials will tend to shatter. Metals tend to melt, though can explode if they are too compact. How else do you explain it… Read more →

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Best Sport Sandals for Water SportsIf you’re going to be involved in canoeing, boating, surfing, kayaking, jet skiing, or any other water sports, then you should invest in a really nice Sport sandal. One of the better ones for men is the Chaco Vibram Bachelor Blue Unaweep. It’s a pretty expensive sandal to purchase, but very comfortable to wear. Beautifully… Read more →

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It was argued that the emphasis has shifted from the production of services to the production of experiences (Chakrabarti and Berthon, 2012). Dobele et al., (2007) argued that people pass on viral messages because they are connected emotionally. Dobele and his team (2007) went on to argue that the viral marketing messages must build an emotional connection between the campaign… Read more →

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Marketing/Systems Review Make sure you dig into current marketing efforts and find out how well they performed. It important to make sure you not recommending something that already been done; or, if you are, you need to make sure you recommend something that will improve results. The marketing review also provides you nuggets of business and customer success. “And, to… Read more →

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Thus, any other form of marketing, sales and advertising will only result to insights on how the market reacts to different beverage innovation and limited insights on how the market reacts to other marketing programs especially on customer retention programs.Base studies are very important in establishing trends and analysing possible market reaction to certain marketing programs (Hatton, 2000). For a… Read more →