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A significant part of his work is undertaken in an Asian context, with a strong but not exclusive focus on China. Most notably, he has researched and written extensively on China and Chinese football, including on fan (consumer) behaviour, perceptions of sponsorship among Chinese people, and the activities of online brand communities in football. In addition, Chadwick writes, comments and… Read more →

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Not only that but, when coupled with interesting and compelling content, you will find that people will read your articles longer, and be more inclined to click on your other ‘related articles’. The more you can get people to explore your writing, the greater you enhance your chances to actually earning on those articles through repeat exposure to your advertisements.24)… Read more →

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One of the reasons thatmany people are not effective managers of time is that they are not focusedenough on their own goals. If you have not taken the time to define your owngoals and hold yourself accountable to achieving your goals you will not knowwhere your priorities lie. You will become slave to other people priorities andyou will more than… Read more →

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Part of the reason for this chasm is the manner of FDI operations in export zones. They are not integrated into the mainstream economy but remain processing platforms performing labour intensive operations on imported goods for re export. What started on a small scale in the early Ninetiesw has turned into an avalanche and distorts the flows of investment and… Read more →

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To New York fans, this may be a tad disheartening, not seeing their beloved Jeter as No. 1 like he was in 2011 (Just watch Nike’s “RE2PECT” hat tip commercial). But Jeter fans can take solace in the fact the Yankee Captain is the most popular sports star among the nations “mature” (68+) demographic. I would say, if we make… Read more →