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Burnout, the point at which stress and too much work begin to erode managers effectiveness and ability to function at work and beyond, is a significant and growing problem for Canadian executives.5 8% of the population, among executives, are at a point where stress from the job is interfering with their physical health and their mental well being, says Michael… Read more →

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But even this massive campaign has up to now reached only 28% of its target. One problem is that circumcision is a surgical procedure and so requires different expertise and resources from those in current HIV programmes. And setting up stand alone circumcision programmes diverts resources from existing surgery, which is already under resourced. Class was an moment, says Knight.… Read more →

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Carson Reese (160 lbs.): Reese was top seed at his weight class and received a first round bye. In the quarter finals, he came out fast and hard against Brandon Evans (LY). Within fifteen seconds, Reese hit a high inside for a takedown, then clamped on an armbar and far wrist ride, he powered Evans onto his back and flattened… Read more →

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Organic matter is anything that contains carbon and comes from a living thing. Soil organic matter includes animal waste products, dead bacteria and fungi, and decomposing leaves, plants and animals. Earthworms and soil microbes break down organic matter. This workshop will provide participants with a working knowledge of the principles of writing an effective, comprehensive and compelling Business Case. The… Read more →

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The trend has been going strong ever since, with athletes, musicians, and actors raking in millions to promote consumer goods. It big business, with individual contracts reaching into the stratosphere: LeBron James has a lifetime Nike contract worth an estimated $500 million; Kevin Durant signed a 10 year, $300 million Nike contract. 50 Cent endorsed Vitamin Water for a share… Read more →

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Another statue, found 60 years after the Venus de Milo, was discovered in what the museum considers “countless” pieces on the island of Samothrace in 1950. [source: The Louvre]. Originally, the statue stood poised atop a hill overlooking the Aegean before it was removed to the Louvre, where it was restored. Alabama football coach Nick Saban has been involved in… Read more →

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18. Outcome measurements. No matter what fitness regimen you choose, one thing you will notice in 2015 is the emphasis on outcome measurements. Early on, the Trump rally was a massive bet on his pro business promises to slashcorporate taxes, rip upregulationand unleash infrastructure spending. Investors largely ignored his market unfriendly proposals on trade and immigration. Stocks continued to hit… Read more →

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Has indicated it is only looking to increase its 13.84% position in ICL, the market seems to think a 100% bid could be coming.On Wednesday, Potash Corp. To have ongoing discussions with its partners. The company has also previously indicated its desire to be a more active investor in general, and specifically with ICL since it does not have board… Read more →

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This coin is not presented in the traditional sense. Encompassed in a 14k gold bezel, the 1947 50 Peso has become something of a collector delight. The Greek goddess Nike is depicted as the Angel of Independence on the obverse to symbolize Mexico victory over Spain during the Mexican War of Independence.. Stereotyped characters are fixtures in advertising and popular… Read more →