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Jerry was the chief photojournalist when I broke into the business as a production assistant, and later a photojournalist, at WHP, the CBS affiliate in Harrisburg, PA. That he was actually the station news director. He had a wife and son, and I think he may have changed positions in order to have more time with his family, but I… Read more →

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Captain.” He gives Cora a nod and Radcliffe a quick glare and slips away from the group to follow after Rose. He catches up to her right after someone yells, “Nice purse, PO!” at him. “Sorry about that,” he says to the retreating blind woman. RUPERT MURDOCH: I think we’ve been asleep. You know it costs us a lot of… Read more →

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Teams play way too many games and have guys coaching them who just roll the ball out there, he says. But he is quick to add the experience can benefit young players if they are in the right program. Believe the really good players can prosper in AAU because they have to raise their game to another level if they… Read more →

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Dude, this is like the Rocky Road of questions, so many sweet and salty layers. Some times you love the peanuts, sometimes you love the caramel, sometimes you don’t like either of ’em and just the thought of ’em makes your stomach churn. Anyway, both places have awesome music and some not so awesome music. Fortunately I live a very… Read more →

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It’s not just that he has made a career out of stating the obvious, it’s that he’s just plain poor. ‘Aw, that’s smacked him bang in front of the stumps! Gotta be out! Here comes the replay to confirm what we all know already! Why bother? Let’s have a look anyway . Pitched outside leg! Nah, not even close! What… Read more →

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The ball shot to the right into the gorse, and O’Meara hit another tee shot. That one went into the pot bunker on the left. He wound up starting his final British Open with a quadruple bogey 8.He followed with another bogey into the wind. We show our support in myriad ways. With the possibility of a teacher strike in… Read more →

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That the hallmark of time management professionals. Here are a few tips for doing so: 1: Handleevery task once. Start it; get all the way through it before you moveonto the next thing. Could the infamous Nike swoosh be “everlasting”? In college football and basketball ranks, the swoosh is prominent on uniforms and even the lapels of coaches universities and… Read more →

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About knowing how to tell stories in audio, text, video and interactive visualisations. It’s about understanding that you have many more tools in your kit, but that’s it’s foolish to try to hammer a nail with a wrench. It’s not about building a team where everyone is a jack of all trades, but building a team that gives you the… Read more →