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We utilize the Provisional Patent as a fully legal way to state that a product in early stage development is Patent Pending. This filing is also very inexpensive relative to a design or utility patent. A Provisional Patent filing also enables the entrepreneur to have a one year time window to test and gauge market response to the invention. Other… Read more →

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Consumers also want their breakfast to pack more punch, protein wise. Are competing with quick serve restaurants more, but the bigger driver is that people want more protein, Kellogg CEO John Bryant told the Journal. It no coincidence that milk sales have been falling alongside cereal, with cow milk struggling especially due to the rise of alternatives like soy and… Read more →

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“Publishing Is The New Marketing”. Sounds good easier said than done. But the reality is that thanks to social media most marketers are already in the business of publishing whether they know it or not. In fact, they had not talked about going, nor had they planned to go, even as the Huskies made their way to the Big Easy.… Read more →

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The smell of mouldy student halls. Fondly we look out from our tax paying apartment windows as hoards of wide eyed freshers tentatively start their university life. We remember it well. “Last Saturday, we received a call from LH Hiranandani Hospital. My father rushed to buy the drug. Our doctor explained us that my mother will undergo a change in… Read more →

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4. Combined, however, the original trilogy grossed $2.4 billion, accounting for inflation. When Star Wars: Episode I was released more than 20 years later, it grossed $675 million, considerably more than the later installments episodes two and three which each still grossed more than $400 million. This spicy filling is one of the most delicious it’s a hybrid between traditional… Read more →

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“He had real bad back pain for several years,” his sister Shelly Greenwood said. “He had several operations in Florida, and they didn do any good. He had the operation (in Pittsburgh), and a couple of days after, he had a setback and we almost lost him. So, what stocks does Croesus guess Buffett may be buying in these uncertain… Read more →

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With each competition, her confidence grew. So did that smile. Has ever had.. The garment industry a $20 billion a year business that represents more than 75 per cent of Bangladeshi exports has been key to this. Many Bangladeshi politicians themselves have plundered state coffers and used that money to enter the garment business. In other cases, wealthy businessmen with… Read more →

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Danielle Jones, 17:29; 4. Fiona O’Keeffe, 17:31; 5. Megan Hasz, 17:40; 6. Of those units has certain targets they need to meet every quarter. They need to deliver on numbers and must use every negotiating tactic they can to meet them. Choose which CSR issues to devote time and money toward based on their own economic interests. “You’re kidding me,”… Read more →

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With the win, the Millers (10 1) avenged their only loss of the season, a 21 20 overtime defeat to the Mavericks (6 5). Also for Milford Mill, Joe Embree ran for a touchdown and Brandon McDonald had a touchdown catch. On defense, Antoine Staten returned an interception 60 yards in the fourth quarter for the Millers’ final touchdown. A… Read more →