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Recently, ONGC expressed interest in buying 48% in Kazakhstan based oil company MangistauMunaiGas (MMG). The Kazakh government owned oil major KazMunaiGas holds the remaining 52%. Also interested in the minority stake in MMG are China’s biggest energy company China National Petroleum Corporation (CNPC) and Russian gas behemoth Gazprom Neft. Theres a new examine fats from red meat and killing animals… Read more →

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This summer, he dedicated himself full time to music and started working on Most Days with no expectations, deadlines, or obligations. He sent demos to Nelson Devereaux (saxophone, flute), Eric Mayson (vocals, piano), Miguel Hurtado (drums), and Lydia Liza (vocals, guitar) before they met up to experiment and record. Wirth Davis then reassembled the best parts of the recordings for… Read more →

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Au retour, je crois qu’ils vont tre plus fatigus que moi!Cette chronique fera une pause durant les Jeux. Je vous retrouve au dbut mars. Bientt.. BLOOPERBALL: The 37th annual Benefit Blooperball Tournament and women’s softball tournament returns to DeFoe Park on Sept. 9 11. Friday, Sept. Better save my calls for later.”To be fair, lots of marketing tricks are entirely… Read more →

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Once the commercial itself has been created, it gets handed off to a production team. They have to assemble actors, computer programmers and effects specialists, all the various technical personnel required for lighting and sound, plus a director. Here again, costs vary tremendously. Willie Simon, a West Columbia native and an Allen University graduate, began his collegiate coaching career as… Read more →