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The UCLA Business of Science Center played a double role. They organized that eLab event, and then it took the former BSC employee and fellow UCLA Anderson alumnus, Jason Jolly ( to get Petrossian, Hamilton and Hanchey back to the table. For Roy Doumani, executive director of the Business of Science Center, the center integral part in Neural Analytics evolution… Read more →

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Among the other candidates, Jacob Kerr offers the strongest voice. His platform is based upon a three point pledge: He will not serve more than two terms; he will no on any tax increase on small business and he will oppose any mechanism for approving or funding the extension of Portland light rail into Vancouver. Kerr deserves credit for devising… Read more →

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On Friday, cops made two arrests. Collin Small, 21, and a 15 year old whose name was not released were charged with criminal possession of stolen property. “He told me, ‘How much is the reward?’ I (said) ‘$500.’ He said, ‘Are you sure you’ll give me the money?’ And I said, ‘Yes, of course.’ “. Kast said that because the… Read more →

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Marketers have used gut feel with great success in some cases, including Allstate’s “Mayhem” campaign. “There was a lot of internal pressure to kill it,” Lisa Cochrane, former senior VP marketing, recalled during a presentation at an industry event in 2012. “We didn’t do any market testing or focus groups,” said Ms. There are two levels, beginning and intermediate. Try… Read more →

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VanSumeren has played like a sure fire Division I receiver during his three years of varsity football. He led Bay County in receptions all three years, going to unprecedented heights as a senior. After opening the season at quarterback, he returned to receiver full time in Week 3 and went to work on rewriting the record books.. On that record,… Read more →

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Hume said she did not know her neighbors well until that morning, when she opened her house to all those roped off from the scene. As she spoke Tuesday, a FedEx truck pulled up in front of her house. The driver jumped out with a medium size box a dog bed Hume had ordered online despite the recent attacks.. US… Read more →

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What is Nike Fuel?Nike fuel is Nike’s proprietary measurement of energy expenditure which is supposed to be a universal measurement. For me personally I’ve noticed that three Nike Fuel points equates to about one calorie. After using my Nike Fuel Band for about three weeks I find I pay attention to both the fuel as well as the calories. Metafizyczna… Read more →