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The twins’ lives, their sister Alayna Gilbert says, had always been entwined. Even before their dad, Jimmie Jr., nailed a hoop above the garage on Esther Street. Even in third grade, when they were so awful at basketball their coach would offer them to opposing teams who didn’t have enough players, saying, ‘Here, take the twins,’ and the girls were… Read more →

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Going to have to have some disruptive innovation to keep [business] sustainable. If we can enable a glimpse into how other systems work more efficiently, maybe a seed of an idea can be brought back here. Post. This project appealed to the students because they could put their education to use in a hands on way. They are entering their… Read more →

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Sophomore Landen Gambill is accused of violating UNC’s honor code by creating an intimidating environment for the man who she says raped her, although she hasn’t named him publicly. A campus board earlier cleared him of the sexual assault charge and but found him guilty of harassing her. He faces no criminal charges. Maximizing sponsorship value can be a challenge,… Read more →