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International retailers, from casual chains such as Uniqlo and H to luxury brands such as Dolce Gabbana and Oscar de la Renta, have begun courting fashion conscious Muslim women in recent years as they’ve become viewed as a lucrative consumer market with a youthful and fast growing demographic. Retailer to offer a wide variety of modest clothing at a more… Read more →

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“There’s no drill today,” says the JAG officer. Major Stone scowls, gesturing for his people to keep their seats, while he moves towards the window. As visitors, the Deimos personnel don’t have an action station per se. Though it is not something we embrace, but we do contend with it every day of our lives. A book I recommend every… Read more →

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“It’s a rush like a runner’s high.”In the neighboring room, former NBA player Troy Bell, 34, held his legs in lunge formation while Holloway cranked up the electricity. Bell started visiting Holloway last month to treat a lingering basketball injury. The former Minneapolis prep star and first round pick in the 2003 NBA draft suffered tendinitis in his left knee… Read more →

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With the acquisition of Navision Software, Denmark based software development company, Microsoft seems to be more active in promoting Navision in its traditional markets, such as Europe with its complex taxing system, payroll diversification and languages. Great Plains Dexterity (the engine of Microsoft Dynamics GP) is not that flexible in multi language support, plus being designed as database and computer… Read more →

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Explored other organizations that may be able to contribute AmeriCorps members, Shaw said. We haven had much success at this point in finding someone to provide us with an environmental field team. Of the participants in the academy are college graduates in their mid 20s who go through a competitive application process. ALBERTA FIREMAN DIES FIGHTING WILDFIRE: Wind whipped wildfires… Read more →