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Eight odd things you never knew about college football stadiumsplayOdd stadiums: Buried bodies, bats, and boats (1:43)Ever wondered about the story behind your school’s stadium? As David Hale found out, there are some strange things in those history books.Of course, not all of those quirks and idiosyncrasies are quite as well known. Sift through the histories of some of the… Read more →

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A third home in the neighborhood also had a smashed rear door. An iPhone and Android phone valued at $200 was stolen, according to the police department. The door sustained $200 in damage. The Seahawks began taking inventory of their injury situation Friday, a day after a brutal 22 16 victory over Arizona kept Seattle on the heels of the… Read more →

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For the humble Scheyer, arguably the best junior in the state, the attention he indirectly draws is second nature. The attention will increase as Scheyer closes in on a college decision. Arizona, Duke, Illinois and Wisconsin are his final four. I didn’t know exactly how much time was on it. But I saw my man go by me. And then… Read more →

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J de plus en plus la conviction que les ngociations qui ne manqueront pas de se tenir bientt entre le gouvernement et les tudiants seront compltement inutiles. voir l de la grogne et de la mobilisation citoyenne Montral et ailleurs, j beaucoup de mal imaginer qu entente sur les droits de scolarit serait en mesure de vider les rues de… Read more →

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Asked about that, Boone smiled. “Well, he’s right about the World Series,” he said. Boone didn’t shy away from those expectations, and that’s exactly what Yankees fans love to hear. Aujourd Mouki et Maxime entreprennent une activitimportante pour la concrtisation de leur nouveau club : le club des super constructeurs. Ils vont chacun riger un abri! Alexandra aimerait bien participer,… Read more →

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A lot of what helped the integration from Summers to Masters was how Alex was treated in school. Living in the posh neighborhood of Beverly Hills entitled Alex to going to the most top notch schools in the area. Not only that, but he was the new, adopted from tragedy, son of some wealthy benefactors and alumni, which always seemed… Read more →