Five Reasons Corrugated Boxes are Ideal for Food Packaging


Corrugated boxes are used for packaging half of the produced goods in the world, including foodstuffs. Different food products like canned goods, fruits, and vegetables are packed and stored, transported, or traded on different retail markets. And corrugated containers provide lower risks for food safety while food products travel from the supplier’s warehouse to the customer’s table.

Studies show that corrugated packaging prevents bacteria, making corrugated board containers the most effective way to keep fruits and vegetables for up to three days longer than other kinds of packaging.

Here are other reasons to choose corrugated for packaging food products:

It is Hygienic

Manufacturing corrugated involves high temperatures. In fact, the material itself reaches at least 100 degrees F three times during the production process. This makes sure all microbes and bacteria are eliminated, making the material a hygienic option for packaging food products.

Microbial contamination of fruits and vegetables is a serious concern for retails. It can put food safety at risk and affect the shelf life. But, there is no such risk with corrugated because it is used just once for products such as fruits, vegetables, bread, meat products, and more, and then often recycled. Corrugated board products satisfy the requirements of the food industry in terms of hygiene, safety, and quality.

It is Customizable

With the simple design of corrugated packaging, it can be easily customized to fit the product to be packaged. Liners and fluting come in various sizes and thicknesses, depending on the particular packaging requirements for food. Companies that are manufacturing boxes often use corrugated because of its ability to be formed in cardboard boxes that safely transport a variety of products. Corrugated comes in various shapes to make it ideal for any industry and fit for any product.

It is Affordable

The costs of producing, manufacturing, and shipping corrugated materials are quite low. Thus, they are among the least expensive materials available. Corrugated boxes are usually made with recycled materials such as old containers, newspapers, and straws.

It Offers Strong Protection to Products

Corrugated packaging is both strong and protective. Its finer cushioning and stiff structure give it the ability to handle the shipping process efficiently and maintain the safety of food products. Also, it keeps moisture away from the products.

It is Eco-Friendly

Corrugated is an eco-friendly choice with a very good rate for recycling. A lot of households and businesses store corrugated boxes for later usage. The boxes are used again for other purposes before keeping in a recycle bin.

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