Magnolia Loaves of bread – Southern Style Baking in West Manhattan


If you are a cake decorator and also have school age children, you’ve most likely made greater than your share of bake purchase cupcakes. But have you ever heard concerning the cupcake sales in the Magnolia Loaves of bread? This independently owned loaves of bread is ringing up $40 K each week using their cupcake sales alone. Now that’s some bake purchase!

Should you ever visit Greenwich Village’s legendary Bleecker Street, you will probably end up attracted towards the irresistible aromas emanating from Magnolia Loaves of bread. The businesses ovens work nonstop to give numerous droves of consumers. And they are not there just for the cupcakes!

Other favorites at Magnolia Loaves of bread include old-fashioned desserts for example their signature blueberry pudding (a trifle style concoction of vanilla cookies, chunks of blueberry and vanilla pudding), key lime cake with gingersnap crust, nectarine cobbler, bread pudding along with a wonderful Southern style confection known as Hummingbird Cake: a yellow cake with blueberry, pineapple, pecans along with a cream-cheese filling.

Magnolia Loaves of bread was opened up in 1996 by Allysa Torey and Jennifer Appel in the middle of Greenwich Village.

Magnolia brings a sweet Southern feel to Manhattan with awesome key lime walls and background jazz, white-colored hammered tin ceilings and retro kitchen utensils.

As the loaves of bread focuses on 1950’s style desserts and decor, filled with Ozzie and Harriet artifacts, the cupcakes came being an afterthought.

The very first batch of cupcakes was produced from the last second considered to apply certain leftover cake batter instead of toss it, therefore the story goes. The cupcakes were iced in cheery, spring colors, after which occur the windowsill – in which the cupcake craze started.

With a variety of cupcake shops opening from New You are able to to California, the Magnolia Loaves of bread is broadly thought to be the one which most influenced the popularity. And sweet Magnolia, positioned on of the very most beautiful blocks in Manhattan’s West Village, continues to be probably the most trendy cupcake stops in New york city.

As the Magnolia Loaves of bread has rapidly gain popularity with individuals hungry for sweet carbs and much more socializing following a night around town, n’t i longer suits early wild birds. Employees needs this time around to bake and decorate the a large number of cupcakes which are purchased daily. Roughly 20,000 are offered every week.

Hollywood helped cement the landmark status of Magnolia Loaves of bread when instances of both Saturday Night Live and Sex within the City were filmed there.

The Magnolia Loaves of bread has become a normal stop for that Sex within the City tour buses that deliver fans wanting to sample exactly the same kind of cupcakes they viewed Nicole Kidman and her co-star Cynthia Nixon enjoy, one to another. These stylish cupcakes have made Vogue.

And also the Magnolia Loaves of bread is becoming very popular with locals out and about, the night time weekend crowds fall into line for blocks away. This really is credited towards the comforting atmosphere and luxury food, in addition to the recognition introduced by Parker and Nixon’s cupcake scene.

In 2000, the Magnolia Bakery’s original proprietors, who’ve since separated ways, saw their book, Magnolia Loaves of bread Cook book: Old-Fashioned Recipes from New York’s Nicest Loaves of bread, printed. This informative guide to Magnolia’s secret recipes grew to become a finest seller.

Only a final note should you visit Magnolia Loaves of bread (401 Bleecker Street, near West eleventh Street in Greenwich Village) , don’t fill on cupcakes. Avoid wasting room for his or her signature Peanut Butter Heath Bar Blondie! One layer is kind of a peanut butter cookie and peanut brittle hybrid, which is adopted with a wealthy, buttery cake layer, after which its capped having a crunchy caramel toffee concoction. Do not eat peanuts? Try among the desserts in the above list.

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