Making Delicious Sriracha Sauce At Home


Thailand is famous for its delicious spicy foods, and Sriracha sauce is a firm favourite of millions of people worldwide. You can consider making this sauce yourself t home rather than buying one from a shop, and it is relatively simple to make. Once you have the Sriracha sauce ingredients, it does not take long to mix everything, but you will need to let it rest for a few days before using it. Below is a simple recipe for you to follow so you can make this delicious sauce at home and enjoy a taste of Thailand at the family dinner table.

Go Shopping For The Ingredients

You should find it relatively easy to buy all the ingredients you need to make Sriracha sauce at home, and there is nothing too exotic required. The ingredients you will need are as follows, and you should be able to find them in your local supermarket:

  • One pound of red jalapeno peppers
  • Half a pound of red serrano peppers
  • Four cloves of garlic
  • Three tablespoons of light brown sugar
  • One tablespoon of salt
  • One-third of a cup of water
  • Half a cup of distilled white vinegar

Once you have all the ingredients assembled, remove the stalks from the peppers and peel the garlic, and you will be ready to begin.

Step One

Chop the peppers finely and ensure you retain the seeds and membranes and put these into a blender along with the sugar, salt, garlic, and water. Start by using the pulse function and blend the ingredients until they are smooth.

Step Two

You need to put the mixture into a large glass jar and cover it with plastic wrap. You will need to store the jar in a cool and dark location, taking it out to stir once a day, and leave it here for between three and five days.

Step Three

Now take the jar out and return the sauce to the blender, adding the distilled white vinegar and blending until the mixture is smooth. Take a strainer and strain the ingredients to eliminate the pulp and seeds that you can now discard.

Step Four

Put the mixture into a saucepan and bring it to a boil, ensuring your stir it regularly. You will need to simmer the sauce until it has the desired consistency, usually taking around five and ten minutes

Step Five

Remove the saucepan from the heat, pour the sauce into sealable jars, and let it cool down to room temperature. Once cool, put the sauce in the fridge, and it is ready to use.

You now have homemade Sriracha sauce that you and the family can enjoy, and you can also try some of the delicious recipes using Sriracha sauce that you and the family may love.

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