Sourcing Authentic Thai Ingredients For Your Home Cooking


It is common for many tourists when visiting Thailand to try one of the many cooking courses available throughout the country. Thai food is a favourite worldwide for its spicy foods on offer, which is why people love it so much and want to learn how to cook it for themselves. However, knowing how to cook your favourite dishes is one thing, but finding the right fresh ingredients can be another, especially when you live halfway around the world from the Land of Smiles. If you want to source the best ingredients so you can make your favourite Thai dishes at home, here are some tips to help you get everything you need to get started.

Stock Up Your Suitcase

If you are visiting Thailand soon or you know anybody travelling there, you can fill a suitcase with lots of the ingredients that you will need to cook Thai food. You cannot take many fresh ingredients as these will not last, but you can stock up on the spices and curry pastes that you need to cook authentic Thai food. Pay a visit to the local grocery store before you leave and fill up on everything you can find that you will need when cooking.

Find A Thai Company That Ships Internationally

You can also look online to find a food distributor in Thailand that sells and ships its products overseas. One drawback to this is that many companies will only sell in bulk, so you may have to purchase a lot of each item for them to consider selling it to you. Alternatively, you can speak to them to see if they have any distributors in your home country where you will be able to purchase everything you need.

Find Your Local Asian Market

You will find Asian markets throughout your country most likely, and although it may not be specifically Thai, there is an excellent chance they will have some of the products you require. You can visit them and see if they have what you need and if they do not, you can ask them whether they can order what you want from their suppliers.

Order Online

If you are struggling to find what you need locally, then an excellent place to turn is the internet, where you will most likely find everything that you need, including fresh ingredients. You may have to purchase from more than one place, and if there is a delivery charge, the costs can soon add up, but if you are looking for that authentic Thai taste, the price is worth it.

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