Using a Recipe to Educate British Like a Language


Educate British like a Language

Recipes may be used to demonstrate preparation of unique or exotic dishes even just in a language class. But much more can be done when utilizing a recipe to educate British like a language. Here are a few suggestions you may think about using together with your British foreign language learners. Most time, your learners will enjoy yourself not just preparing the recipes they select, but additionally in explain the recipe and it is preparation. Additionally, there are a variety of helpful, highly effective activities which may be easily put on this type of Content-Based Learning or Task Based Learning, each of which are often relevant..

Utilizing a Recipe in Teaching British like a Language

Some areas you may think about using along with a food recipe include:

– Creating a recipe preparation video

– Developing a recipe poster with images

– Narrating a recipe preparation

– Writing out a brand new recipe diversely

– Shooting digital pictures of a recipe when preparing

– Concentrating on using a particular component within the preparation of various recipes

– Preparation of easy, fundamental recipes at school

– Getting British foreign language learners bring prepared dishes to class and explain their ingredients and preparation

– Posting videos, narrations and written recipes online

Video Recipes for Teaching British like a Foreign or Second language

Short step-by-step videos are an easy way of utilizing language in context for British like a language learners. Regardless of who writes the recipe, first you’ll make a working listing of key lexis and vocabulary. Make certain your learners know these completely. Learners may then videotape or photograph each step from the recipe preparation process. The photos and videos may then easily be put together right into a finished video using any video editing program. Make sure to use quite simple, easy-to-make recipes initially. Harder, involved or lengthier recipes is going to be simpler to create later, following the learners have developed just a little experience. Many editing software packages are not just free but particularly easy and simple to make use of.

Helpful Strategies to Try

Some strategies to consider which directly involve using recipes may include:

– Picture / vocabulary lists of ingredients

– Units of measurement described

– Verbs accustomed to describe cooking processes

– Vocabulary of fruits, vegetables, condiments and meats or local sea food

– Info on culturally related facets of dishes and ingredients

– Actual preparation of easy recipes at school

– Class visit to a store to recognize foods and departments

– Identification of canned and canned goods available in your area

– Use short cooking and holiday videos at school

– Traditional recipes utilized in holidays and celebrations

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