Your Best Guide to Indian Food in Denver


Sometimes, it can be a bit scary to try a new cuisine, especially if you not familiar with the terminology, kinds of dishes, and etiquette associated with the cuisine. Luckily, Americans can easily enjoy different foods including Indian food in Denver. Indian dishes are mouth-watering and healthy, as well as provide many options for vegetarians and vegans. If you are looking to try Indian cuisine, here is a guide to help you feel more comfortable when you visit an Indian restaurant for the first time:

How they Serve the Dishes

Indian dining is meant to be served family-style. While you sit down to a meal, you would have an assortment of dishes to pick from including appetizers, main dishes, side dishes, and bread. Also, you can expect flavor and spices to be layered, which means you can put a bit of everything on your plate and mix and match. You can eat Indian bread with the food or use it for sopping up the last bits of sauce.

Indian Spices

Expect Indian foods to be a bit spicy, although Indian restaurants in Colorado cater to individual tastes. If you are concerned about the spiciness of the food, you can bring it up to the wait staff when you order. Indian restaurants will customize most of their dishes to your preferred level of heat. Their curries can be mildly spicy and malasa a bit more so. However, make sure to watch out for the vindaloo, which is usually the spiciest curry in the house.

Kinds of Indian Dishes to Choose From

It is difficult to know what you will like if you don’t know what a dish is. When you visit an Indian restaurant, the menus often include the following dishes:

  • This is plain yogurt used in sauces and eaten with Indian dishes to balance out the spices.
  • Naan, roti. These are kind of Indian flatbread usually served with the meal.
  • This is a blend of spices often paired with chai, chickpeas, and chicken.
  • This is a vegetable dish of creamed spinach and other greens. It is served as a side dish or mixed with other dishes.
  • Indian restaurant menus often include seafood curries.

Indian Drinks and Desserts

Chai is a famous Indian tea, which is a combination of spices and milk. Also, Indian cuisines balance out layered flavored and complex spices with great desserts. The mango lassi, which is a mango smoothie is a popular one.

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