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It all starts or fails with energy managers ! No energy manager in a firm means no voice to invest in energy efficiency. No voice implies no annual budget for energy conservation measures. Having no annual budget means no energy efficiency measures are implemented. No implementation results in less profit and no energy cost reduction. Discover more about Discovery UK at www.discovery.uk.com.


The Energy Conservation Act implemented by the Bureau of Energy Efficiency (BEE), a statutory body under Government of India, envisages creation of cadre of professionally qualified energy managers and auditors with expertise in energy management, project management, financing and implementation of energy efficiency projects, as well as policy analysis. It is a Law to force firms to make more profit and not an Act to control and monitor energy consumption of industry.


About Chris Poff-Creator of FreeFitnessExchange.com


Chris grew up in Columbus, Ohio, completed his undergraduate degree Ohio State University and M.Ed from University of Cincinnati


The main passion that drove Chris throughout his life was Peak Performance and Success in all aspects of his life.


While Chris excelled in sports he was never an elite athlete, thus he was obsessed with discovering the factors contributed to functioning at the elite athlete level.


After completing his Masters he worked for the next 15 years in the Health/Fitness and Sports Performance field.

He has consulted with many corporations, Hospitals, and Police and Fire Departments as well as individual athletes and executives.


Chris was one of the first to conceptualize, raise the capital, and open one of the first Human Performance Institutes in Ohio.


He now spends his time focused on his passions such as FreeFitnessExchange and working with motivated individuals to help them achieve peak performance in their personal life and their businesses.


Chris' hobbies and personal passions still include rigorous workouts, ballroom dance lessons, travel, and performance cars.